Most babies are crawling by now and they are starting to pull up on furniture and reach for things.  This is a good time to start moving things out of site and out of reach.  Most of their time is spent on the floor crawling.  Get on the floor and you will see exactly all the intriguing things they see and are going to go after.  It is a good way to see all the electrical outlets this way.  They see them.  Electric plug caps are a must-have.

Most babies now have a strong fear of strangers.  They don’t like to be picked up by people they don’t see frequently.  Most of all, they don’t like their pediatricians.  It isn’t as much as what is done to them as it is that it is allowed to be done to them.  Their security devices (crying, etc.) don’t work at the doctor’s office.  This is why I will try to be quick with exams at this time.

Since children can sometimes have urinary tract infections without any symptoms we will attempt to collect a urine specimen in an adhesive plastic bag.  Try to avoid any diaper rash medications when you come in so the plastic bag will adhere to the skin.